What Habits Do Nutritionists Recommend for Maintaining Hydration?

    What's one habit you recommend to clients to help them maintain hydration throughout the day?

    Staying hydrated is a daily challenge, so we've gathered seven expert tips from registered dietitians and nutritionists to help you keep your water intake on track. From the simple act of carrying water and choosing hydrating foods to ending your day with a sip from a frozen bottle, these professionals offer practical advice to maintain hydration throughout your day.

    • Carry Water and Choose Hydrating Foods
    • Incorporate Electrolytes for Optimal Hydration
    • Hydrate with Electrolyte Supplements and Fun Bottles
    • Keep a Visible Water Bottle Nearby
    • Refill and Reuse Your Water Bottle
    • Start Mornings with Lemon Water
    • Sip All Day from a Frozen Bottle

    Carry Water and Choose Hydrating Foods

    Carrying a water bottle with you during the day and keeping one with you while in the car is one way to stay hydrated. Having it readily available—at arm's length—makes it easy and gives you no excuses not to drink enough.

    When some people think about hydration, they first think “drink.” That isn't always the case. Choose high water-content foods such as soups, stews, fruits, and vegetables, which also contribute to your daily hydration.

    Michelle Rauch
    Michelle RauchRegistered Dietitian/Nutritionist

    Incorporate Electrolytes for Optimal Hydration

    A lot of people don't realize that proper hydration consists of two parts: we all know about the need for water, but we also need electrolytes. These are often the missing piece in maintaining excellent hydration, as well as promoting steady energy. Sufficient levels of electrolytes in the body enable water to flow where it needs to go.

    Chronic stress, an all-too-common phenomenon nowadays, can cause depletion of electrolytes over time, leading to suboptimal bodily functioning. My tip is to add a bit of salt for sodium and a source of potassium, like coconut water or even cream of tartar, to your water twice daily between meals, or adding a pre-made electrolyte mix, like drops or tablets.

    Victoria Peck-Gray
    Victoria Peck-GrayFunctional Medicine Dietitian & Owner, Wonderfully Made Nutrition

    Hydrate with Electrolyte Supplements and Fun Bottles

    First off, why should you hydrate? Hydration allows your hunger signals to function properly, and dehydration can impact mood and cognitive function. I recommend at least 100 oz of water per day if you're planning to be active, and only slightly less for the days you're non-active.

    If water seems boring, or just doesn't appeal to you, I'd recommend you choose an electrolyte supplement that keeps you well-hydrated and nourished without the unnecessary added sugars or artificial ingredients.

    The top electrolytes on the market, in my opinion, are LMNT, Ultima, and Redmond Re-Lyte. My other top tip? Find a cute water bottle that makes drinking water more appealing! I found that I reach for my cute, functional water bottles a lot more than a plain old glass.

    Whitney StuartRegistered Dietitian, Whitness Nutrition

    Keep a Visible Water Bottle Nearby

    Invest in a reusable water bottle and keep it both close to you and in your line of vision throughout the day. By doing this, you have a constant visual reminder to drink. It is also more easily accessible to you because it is within your reach, and finally, if it is not in sight, then it's not in mind.

    If water is not visible to you, then you may be less likely to think of drinking it. These factors can create a path of least resistance towards building that habit into your lifestyle. For example, if you are working a desk job, then leave your water bottle on your desk. Don't leave it in your bag where you can't see it.

    John Gaule
    John GauleNutritionist, John Gaule Nutrition

    Refill and Reuse Your Water Bottle

    One effective habit I often recommend is to always carry a water bottle with you and make a point to refill it whenever it's empty.

    Having a physical bottle by your side serves as a visual reminder to take regular sips throughout the day. This simple practice can help ensure that you're consistently meeting your body’s fluid needs. By making it a habit to always have a beverage within reach, you're more likely to stay hydrated without even having to think about it.

    Danielle Gaffen
    Danielle GaffenRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Eat Well Crohn's Colitis

    Start Mornings with Lemon Water

    The best advice I can give to help maintain hydration throughout the day is to start the morning with a glass of lemon water. Simply take a glass of purified water and squeeze the juice of a whole lemon into it. This will provide electrolytes, antioxidants such as vitamin C, enzymes, and a refreshing taste.

    Kim Ross, MS, RD, CDN
    Kim Ross, MS, RD, CDNIntegrative Nutritionist, Kim Ross Nutrition

    Sip All Day from a Frozen Bottle

    I have a few recommendations to help keep clients hydrated. First, carry a water bottle; if you don't carry a water bottle, you're at the whim of coming across water, so that's the first thing. Constantly sipping water throughout the day also helps to keep hydrated.

    One tip I recommend for people who struggle to drink enough water is to freeze their water bottle in the morning and drink it as it melts. Not only do most people enjoy drinking cold water more, but it also seems very manageable to drink tiny amounts throughout the day as opposed to looking at a huge bottle of water and saying, “Oh my, I have to drink all of that.”

    John Frigo
    John FrigoeCommerce Manager, Best Price Nutrition